The Great Nuclear Energy Lie

Gerry H.
3 min readAug 6, 2019

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The people behind uranium/plutonium-based nuclear energy are so incredibly evil it’s hard to come up with words to describe them.

Nuclear waste needs to be stored for tens of thousands of years, yet no country has a permanent storage facility — because such a thing is not possible. The nuclear industry can barely store their waste safely for a few decades let alone for thousands of years. Their plan is to leave the problem and cost to future generations. Hundreds of future generations, for thousands of years.

What a horrific legacy. A plan so evil The Devil Himself would cringe. The Nuclear Energy Lobby claims nuclear energy is the solution to Climate Change. Don’t believe the lying liars. The truth is nuclear is by far the most expensive form of energy there is.

When nuclear advocates make their lying and idiotic claim the nuclear is cost effective, notice they never mention the cost of waste storage (both building and maintaining, the cost of which is astronomical), the cost of research (historically funded for free by governments), the cost of liability insurance (again, historically covered by governments with special laws that limit liability), or the never-ending costs of cleaning up after the occasional disaster.

Spend some time learning about Fukushima and Chernobyl. These sites are still dangerous and will require very expensive management for thousands of years! Who is going to pay? Current and future generations that’s who. Apparently this does not concern nuclear advocates at all, what a bunch of assholes.

To those who claim the problem will be solved “some time in the future”: the problem of storing nuclear waste must be solved before anymore nuclear waste is generated. And energy production from nuclear must be safe, no more Fukushima’s, not ever. Anything less is grossly unethical, immoral, ignorant and evil. Hope is not a strategy!

Damaged reactor at Chernobyl

After 30 years workers are still trying to prevent the spread of radiation from Chernobyl, as the current “sarcophagus” begins to fail. Just another ten or twenty thousand years of this and it won’t be a problem anymore. The Soviet Union secrecy made (and still makes) it difficult to estimate the human cost, but current estimates are tens of thousands of people have died from cancer caused by radiation exposure from the accident.

Forest fire in Chernobyl’s 1000 square mile exclusion zone causes radiation spike. A thousand mile exclusion zone! OMFG!

Plutonium is leaking into the Pacific (Marshall Islands) as the U.S. nuclear disposal site begins to fall. Yes I know this was not from energy production, but it highlights how even the US doesn’t want to (and cannot) deal with nuclear waste. Who is going to pay to take care of this site for thousands of years?

Japan to release a million tons of radioactive waste water into the Pacific

Even a country as big as Canada with a small nuclear energy industry doesn’t know what to do with it’s stockpile of nuclear waste

I suggest anyone who thinks nuclear energy is a viable energy solution go live in Fukushima or Chernobyl.

We don’t fucking need nuclear energy! The solution to our energy needs is a combination of conservation and green energy. 90% of what we do is a waste of time anyway. Stop blowing things up. Stop driving around in huge diesel trucks buying shit we don’t need. Turn off the damn lights. We could cut energy usage in half instantly if we just used our brains and actually thought about it a bit, and stopped wasting it so much.

The investment in switching to renewable energy would pay for itself in only 6 years!

References: just search up and read “How long must nuclear waste be stored”, “Permanent nuclear waste storage”, “Fukushima” and “ Chernobyl”.

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