Get Setup

  1. Create an account if you haven’t already.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click the Settings button to add one or more GPS location uploading (smartphone) devices to your account. Each device is assigned a key of alphanumeric characters, for example: A1b2c3D
  4. Install our location tracking/reporting/uploading app on each Android device (see below), and enter the key assigned to that device.
    Note: a key is used (rather than an email) so devices can be easily associated with inanimate objects (such as vehicles) that typically do not have email addresses.
  5. On the device check app settings to confirm your preferences, including allowing location permission.

The GPS App

The Website

  • On the left (or top) is a summary your devices including the most recently uploaded location timestamp.
  • On the right (or bottom) is a map, with indicators showing the most recently uploaded location of each device.
  • Click on a device name to center the map on that device.
  • Check “Keep all visible” and the map will automatically pan and zoom to keep all devices visible on the map, even as their locations change.
  • If you wish to manipulate the map, turn off “Keep all visible” to avoid interruptions.


In Development

  • An iPhone app
  • Set device reporting intervals
  • Last 30 minutes of device travel shown on the map
  • Device history available for mapping


Password Reset





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