Climate Change: The Facts

  1. Carbon dioxide affects the atmosphere, in particular how much heat it retains. More CO2 in the atmosphere means more heat from the sun stays in the atmosphere, heat that otherwise would have dissipated into space. This is science that is as undeniable as gravity.
  2. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing, and has been for decades.
  3. Humans have (so far) extracted an estimated 500,000,000,000 barrels of oil, much of which has ended up in the atmosphere. Humans have also burnt absolutely massive amounts of wood and coal. The US burned over seven hundred million tons of coal in 2016 alone. All this burning obviously released huge, huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  4. Ford has built enough F150s to circle the entire Earth, parked side by side.
  5. All scientific data shows the earth’s average temperatures are increasing.
  6. The amount of snow and ice on Greenland and Antarctica is fricking huge. Greenland has 660,000 square miles of ice, and Antarctica has almost ten times that amount.
  7. The amount of snow and ice in the Arctic, and on Greenland and Antarctic, is decreasing, melting. The melt rate is increasing.
  8. Glaciers around the world are in steep decline. Billions of people get their drinking water from glacial runoff.
  9. This one is not directly CC related, but FYI anyway: water tables which provide water for agriculture and drinking water are also in steep decline around the world, both in terms of quantity and quality of water.
  10. Rain around the world contains cancer-causing “forever” chemicals.
  11. The Earth has had periods of being warmer in the past than it is now. And sea levels were much higher during these periods than they are now.
    The reason sea levels are not as high right now as back then is simple: the current warming has been so fast sea levels have not had a chance to catch up with temperatures (yet).
  12. Around the world many major cities and towns are built near oceans, not much higher than sea level. A very large number of people live in these cities and towns.
  13. The melt from Greenland and Antarctic has the capacity to flood many coastal cities and towns. Not today or tomorrow, but within our children and grandchildren’s lifetimes.
  14. Every single climate scientist alive sees Climate Change as a major threat to humanity, except for those who are paid to say it isn’t a problem.
  15. Major oil companies have known about the possibility of Climate Change for decades and have been running disinformation campaigns to confuse the population.
  16. Coal companies have known about the possibility of Climate Change for decades, and they have fought environmental regulations every step of the way.
  17. Major car manufacturers, including GM, have known of the possibility of Climate Change for decades and choose to hide that information.
  18. Burning fuels is a major source of air pollution. Air pollution is a major cause of cancer and other health problems.
  19. For years the corporate media has given climate deniers a platform to spread their message almost unquestioned, often without disclosing that the so called “experts” were being paid to have a specific opinion. At the same time the media intentionally presented, and still presents, people who care about the environment in a negative light.
  20. Fighting climate change means doing things like switching to green energy, wasting less, polluting less, planting trees, etc. All awesome things that would benefit the planet and every living thing on it.

Venus, Earth and Mars

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